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Patient Educaton

In Office, at home, online

Patient Education & Care Management

Educated Patients

  • Have Improved Satisfaction
  • Better Prepared for Decision Making and Care Plans
  • Reduce Cost for Interactions
  • Communicate With You and Your Team More Effectively

When multiple forms of interaction are triggered,
(audio, visual, physical, & choice)
viewers experience a greater level of engagement,
improving both learning and retention. 

Patient Education Improves

  • Your Patient Outcomes
  • Your Reputation
  • Your Margin
  • Your Prestige

Learning and retention improve when viewers get to
“choose their own adventure”. 

Common Topics for Patients

  • Your Expertise
  • Symptoms & Conditions
  • Pre-Visit Preparation
  • Treatment, Options & Care Plans
  • Pre-Op Preparation
  • Post-Op Care
  • Home Care
  • Office Procedures

Greater Engagement, Improved Outcomes.

Help Avoid Misinformation

  • Confusing & Scary
  • Inaccurate & Misinformative
  • “Dr. Internet” Syndrome
  • Sales Focused – Not Care Focused