We Create Learning Experiences That Increase Engagement and Improve Outcomes

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Better Than Video, It's Interactive

Our proprietary interactive platform creates an experience for viewers that goes beyond video lecture format.  We engage the viewer on their journey through the information allowing them to direct their learning experience.  This self-directed encounter improves engagement, learning and retention. 

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Quantum’s focus is on “learning” and how interacting with information can help an individual gain the knowledge needed to better perform a task, make a decision or understand a situation. 

Learning is the result of successful education.

We believe that education is successful when it results in learning. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study or by being taught. Our philosophy for educational service is that it must result in learning.

Interactive Video Improves Educational Outcomes

Our proprietary platform delivers exceptional educational content in an interactive manner. Video is a powerful educational tool that can bring content to people at home, in the office, on the road or even in the classroom. Interactive video amplifies the power of conventional video in education by mirroring the in-person interactive experience so essential in students learning.

Mimic Person-to-Person Engagement

As human we are social creatures that have amassed tremendous amounts of collective knowledge. This knowledge is stored in various mediums, such as our memories, books, images, artwork, architecture, data, videos, and recordings. During most of human history the transmission of this knowledge has been a person-to-person experience, and therefore we are wired to most effectively acquire new knowledge using means that mimic this process.

“Choose your own adventure” & explore information

Conventional video is very effective at this storytelling style of communicating ideas and information because it invokes both our audio and visual senses. However, traditional video has a limited capacity as an educational tool because of its linear format, this is where interactive video plays such a powerful role. Interactive video creates student participation in the process. Interactive video allows the learner to “choose their own adventure” as they explore the content.

Make Better Education Content with Interactive Video

We can take the best educational videos and make them better. Or we can work with you to create just the right content to deliver your message. Creating interactive educational videos has some unique nuances to anticipate and create points for viewer engagement. The story board can feel more complex because it is not constrained by a linear delivery method. It requires some skill to re-think how the information should be organized. We place the learner’s experience first and how they might like to “consume” (or explore) the content, instead of the linear delivery path.

We Create Learning Experiences

Quantum is passionate about creating learning experiences. Our proprietary platform delivers excellent interactive videos that enhance the learning experience. We support the delivery of our content to a wide audience for our clients. Our cross-platform solution is device agnostic to help you easily reach your audience on any modern browser without installing software. Our platform has powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and workflows to make your life easier. The AI can generate transcripts from multiple languages and create translations of those transcripts in different languages. Our indexing engine enriches your content repository by creating additional pathways to content based upon user driven searches.


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Interactive content creation is different than other forms that rely on a linear user experience (written text, videos, podcasts). 

With interactive video the user’s journey of discovery is mapped around a model that anticipates and encourages exploration. 

We work with clients and subject matter experts to understand the core learning objectives and then model the learning process into discrete modules that can be absorbed individually or collectively.  Using a tree like structure we can then present viewers with options to learn and explore the content while gently guiding the process.